Below are a range of services provided by NMTT staff and professional associates.

We are always keen to look at your requirements, provide advice, respond to any questions, and develop an appropriate program to address your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Assessment of Environmental Effects for project proposals
  • RMA consultancy and advocacy
  • Freshwater ecological surveys and plans for enhanced freshwater management for landowners, land managers and community groups
  • Education initiatives for primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary levels
  • Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (freshwater and coastal environments)
  • GLOBE (earth science and biodiversity studies including atmosphere, hydrology, geology, soils, phenology and land cover, coastal studies)
  • Civic studies and participation 
  • Sustainability auditing 
    Helping measure your progress to sustainable management 
  • Living sustainably with the land and sea
    An introduction to living with the ecology and Te Tikanga Maori of our lands, rivers and sea: workshops and tailored programs for corporates and community groups